Digital Anniversary Coin


On January 3 of 2009 legendary Satoshi Nakamoto signed Bitcoin genesis block starting new big revolution in humankind history. We are introducing digital commemorative coin 10 BTC based on original Bitcoin protocol to celebrate Bitcoins 10th anniversary on January 3 of 2019.

Technical paper
  • F1

    Commemorative coin

    Double the Bitcoin value by providing additional supply of 2.1 millions of 10 BTC coins.

  • F2

    Final supply

    All coins will be minted before January 3, 2019 to conduct social-economic experiment on reaching final supply of digital gold.

  • F3

    Simplified mining

    Smart difficulty adjustment algorithm grant that 10 BTC coin can be mined on every modern computer.

  • S1

    SegWit core

    Our code is based on Bitcoin Core v.0.16 implementing full Segregated Witness support.

  • S2

    Replay protection

    You can redeem your 10 BTC coins using your Bitcoin private key without any risks for your assets in original Bitcoin network.

  • S3

    Lightning Network

    Lightning nodes are implemented to maintain the same cutting edge performance in 10 BTC network we are so proud of in original Bitcoin blockchain.